Custom Homes

Built to spec.

Frontier Construction is a family-owned business who believes you should have your home designed and built your way. Driven by quality and craftsmanship, we’ve built homes all over North East Kansas that range from small and simple to complex and grand.

Our Build Process

Step 1

Prepare Site and Foundation

In the phase the site is cleared and excavation are the first steps. Once the site is prepped and ready, a professional survey crew will stake out the building corners so the home is perfectly square. The base of any home is a solid footing. The next step is to dig out footing, install rebar, and pour your footing. For basement walls, wall forms are placed on top of footings and concrete is poured into these forms. After the walls are poured, forms are stripped and sand is brought in. Before rebar or mesh is installed all Frontier homes are prepped with a professional termite pre-treat. We will then install metal and finish the flatwork.

Step 2

Rough Framing

The floor systems, walls and roof systems are done in this stage. This is where your home really begins to take shape! After framing is complete and all sheathing and house wrap is applied, we will completely dry-in the home making your house water tight. To do this the roof is installed, windows and doors are installed, and siding is hung and prepped for painting.

Step 3

Rough Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical and HVAC (MEP)

Once dried in, the guts of your home will be installed. This consists of all drain lines, vents, water lines, duct work and electrical. During the phase additional requests such as heated floors, stereo systems, and security systems can be installed as well.

Step 4


Insulation plays a key role in creating a more comfortable, consistent indoor climate while significantly improving a home’s energy efficiency. Traditionally there are three forms of insulating methods in today’s building industry: spray foam, blow-in, and batt insulation.

Step 5

Drywall, Paint and Start of Exterior Finishes

Drywall is hung and taped so that no seems are visible after completion. During this phase texture can be applied if desired. Once drywall is completed, paint will be applied to walls and ceilings and your selections begin to come to life. Generally speaking, exterior finishes such as masonry and exterior paint are finished. During this phase, you will also work with your assigned project manager to finalize your materials selections.

Step 6

Flooring Install

Your choice of flooring will determine this step, but typically speaking all solid surface floor coverings are installed during this stage. Your hard work at choosing selections is about to be put to work!

Step 7

Finish Carpentry

Cabinets are set, doors are hung and cased, baseboards, closet systems, and decorative trim such as fireplace mantels and stair balusters are all installed. After trim carpentry is done all trim is painted and the walls get a finishing coat of paint. Generally speaking, exterior concrete is formed and poured during this stage of the build as well.

Step 8

MEP Trim-out

Light fixtures, outlets and switches are installed and the electrical panel is completed. HVAC trim out is completed. Sinks, toilets and faucet are put in place to insure all plumbing is functioning as it should.

Step 9

Final Touch-ups

All door and cabinet hardware is installed. Bathroom fixtures, mirrors, shower doors, carpeting, final touch-up and cleanup take place. Trees, shrubs and grass are planted as well as any other landscaping options selected.

Step 10

Final Walk-Through

Once all the finishes are completed we will walk through your new home to acquaint you with its features and the operation of various systems and components, and to explain your responsibilities for maintenance and upkeep. We will also go over our warranty coverage and procedures.

Welcome to your new Frontier masterpiece!